If We Promise to Be Good

He shoots, he scores
I want to be a famous soccer player when I grow up
How I wish I could see that

His imagination is so incredible.
I am going to do art 2 hours every day when I am a famous artist
Start now so I can see it

The school called, he kicked someone
One day suspension
Mommy I love our special days at home together

He is the sweetest, most helpful child
Quick, lock yourself in the bathroom until your brother calms down
At least he has a safe place to be himself they say

How much of this is nature
How much is this fucking disease
It took my hair for a while
It took my breasts for ever
It is taking their childhood

Are you being good and helping your mom so she gets better
Mommy, if we promise to be good can you come home from the hospital

I don’t want you to die, promise you wont die
I cant promise that

It’s not fair that you got cancer
No, it’s not fair
It’s not fair that I have cancer
It’s not fair that you have to suffer too
The cancer is in me but we all suffer